Information of Need of Farm Women: Case of Selected Areas of Patuakhali District

K.M. Masum Billah


The main focus of this study is to assess the information need of the farm women of the selected areas of Patuakhali District. Twenty four farm women from the the three selected villages of Dumki Upazila were purposively selected and accidentally interviewed. Data was collected using a structured interview schedule. The findings of this study are that the most of farm women are in middle aged and their education level up to primary (37.5%) and secondary (37.5%) school. Most of the respondent belongs to medium sized family and most of them are small categories farmer having land holding 0.2-1.0 hectare. The another findings of this study was most of farm women (54.2%) have no training and rest have training in different practices. This study expressed that middle aged farm women are more interested in information transaction behavior than young farm women. This study shows the need for information regarding disease control, weed control, HYV crops, fertilizer requirement and information related to marketing.

Key words: Information need, Farm women, Information seeking behavior.

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